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Meeting to Organize

The organization meeting for the Texas Genealogical Foundation shall be conducted at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 in Houston, TX at the meeting hotel of the Texas Heritage Societies. The Agenda for that meeting shall include:

  1.  Agenda
    • a) Agreement to move forward with the formation of the Texas Genealogical “Foundation”;      selecting the name of the organization; filing of Articles of Incorporation to obtain a Charter; Filing of an Assumed Name Certificate; etc., and
    • b) Create an application form for individual members
    • c) Create an application form for organization members
    • d) Create an application form for Diplomat Members
    • e) Determine how Trustees[1] are to be selected
    • f) Adopt by-laws
  2. Election of following Officers who shall comprise the Executive Committee, to serve for the first year, to include:
    • a) President
    • b) Vice President – Chairman of Annual Meeting
    • c) Secretary – Media Relations Chairman
    • d) Treasurer
    • e) Chancellor – legal advisor to obtain Charter and file Certificate of Incorporation
    • f) Genealogist – Chairman of annual Genealogy Seminar/book fair
    • g) Registrar – to verify qualifications of those applying for membership.
    • h) Newsletter Editor/Master of the Calendar – Input from each society.
    • i) Webmaster – Should attempt to get all societies to link web sites
    • j) Parliamentarian
    • k) Managing Editor of the Membership Directory
    • l) Such other officers as may be deemed needed.
  3. Determine the amount of dues for individual and organizations; whether to seek organizational           members, who would benefit from the web site, newsletter and coordinated calendar.
  4. Determination of the rights and duties of organization members:
    • a) Each organization member to appoint one member of the Board of Trustees
    • b) Each organization with over 100 members to appoint two members of the Board of Trustees
    • c) Each organization shall be entitled to submit a column of news, etc. about that organization in each newsletter
    • d) Each organization shall be entitled to create one page of information on the organization’s web site
    • e) Each organization member is to pay annually the amount of $.04 per year as dues, with minimum dues of $____
    • f) Each member organization will either:
      1. Provide a copy of its member roster to the Texas Genealogical Council, or
      2. Include in its regular newsletter a full page of information about the Texas Genealogical Council, and an application form for membership.
    • g) Member organizations will receive a 50% discount on newsletter, directory & web site
    • h) Each organization member is authorized to use the Council’s official logo as a member on its letterhead, web site & in its promotional mailings.
  5. Design a Nomination Form for the initial 2016 Class of the Texas Hall of Fame, and set forth the selection rules and procedure.
  6. Design a plaque or trophy to recognize the individual members of the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame. “
  7. Design a large plaque or trophy to recognize all members of the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame.”
  8. Design Membership Certificate and Charter Membership Certificate
  9. Design Award Certificate
    • a) Design a media “press release” to be mailed to all lineage, heritage, and genealogical societies in Texas to seek nominations for membership in the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame.
    • b) Design a media “press release” to announce new members of the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame. “
  10. Since Texas is such a large state, and since there are a large number of potential member organizations, possible conflicts in scheduling are anticipated. Accordingly, the Texas Genealogical Council shall authorize the use of proxies in the event a voting member of the executive committee and/or the Trustees is hereby authorized. Such proxy shall be signed and dated by the individual granting the proxy; and the name of the person to whom the proxy is granted shall be named in the proxy document.
  11. Design the nomination form and the instructions for the nomination form
  12. Appointment of committees:
    • a) to seek incorporation
    • b) to prepare application forms for new members
    • c) to prepare nomination forms for selection of members of the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame”
    • d) to design a contest for the design of the logo of the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame”
    • e) to design the membership badge and seal of the organization
    • f) to publicize the formation of the new organization and promote the contest for                                           the Selection of the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame”
  13. Determination of dues for individual and corporate members

[1]   Although the day to day affairs of the organization shall be run by the officers; all major decisions such as to enter into contracts for more than $5,000 must be approved by the Trustees.