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Purpose of the Texas Genealogical College:

1. To provide a forum for any person interested in the field of genealogy. General membership will be open to any person, upon the recommendation of a member. The Texas Genealogical Council will prepare and disseminate on a regular basis a master calendar of the events of its members.

2. To provide a forum for genealogy and lineage society organizations to share ideas, conduct joint meetings. To publish a Directory of individual and organization members to enhance communication among genealogists within the state of Texas.

3. To recognize Diplomat Members, who are outstanding genealogists and members of lineage, heraldic, and heritage societies in Texas, by establishing an organization to recognize excellence in these fields, and to establish minimum requirements for selection, which shall initially be:

  • Holding a leadership position in a Texas genealogy, heritage, heraldry, or lineage society as its president, governor or similar title as the principal officer for a minimum of one year, and
  • Holding a leadership position in a national genealogy, heritage or lineage society as a general officer, Trustee, Alternate Trustee, etc., for a minimum of one year, and
  • Being active in a Texas genealogy, heritage or lineage society for a minimum of 10
  • In the alternative, those who have earned a degree in genealogy at Akamai University, Brigham Young University, or Heritage Genealogy College OR those who have earned a Certificate in Genealogical research at Boston University Online Certificate, Brigham Young University, or National Genealogical Societies: American Genealogical Studies
  • Those who have also published one or more family history books.

4. To publicize the selection of these outstanding individuals in a periodic Directory of Outstanding Texans in the field of genealogy, heraldry, heritage or lineage societies. Such Directory shall also include the names of those annually selected for membership in the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame; together with a list of the current state officers of participating Texas genealogy, heraldry, heritage or lineage societies.

5. To establish a “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame” of Genealogical, heraldic, Lineage, and Heritage Societies to recognize those individuals who have served as a) leaders in Texas and National lineage, heritage or genealogical organizations; 2) those who have distinguished themselves as authors, speakers, etc. ; 3) those who have served as President of the Texas Genealogical Society; and those who are Certified Genealogists. The winners will each receive a handsome plaque, medal or trophy approved by the Executive Committee. Additionally, there shall be large plaque or trophy that contains the names of all members of the “Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame,” which shall be displayed in a genealogy library in Texas. Information about those selected should be provided to the pertinent newspapers and magazine in the State.

6. To coordinate the activities of the Texas ladies lineage group that meets annually in Temple, TX, in September each year, and The Texas Heritage Society, that meets at different venues around the state, in late October each year, and other lineage societies that meet separately, through:

  • an Internet newsletter
  • a web site, that links with each societies web page
  • a Calendar of events
  • an online chat room
  • a Facebook page
  • a blog
  • Texas Directory of Outstanding Genealogists

7.  To encourage other lineage and heritage groups to meet with the Texas Heritage Societies and the Texas ladies lineage group which meets annually in Temple, TX and similar groups of societies that meet together during the year.

8. To promote Annual Genealogy Seminar(s), book fairs, and exhibitions to spur attendance at the annual group meetings, and as a fund raiser. A Book Fair with genealogical vendors may be conducted in conjunction with the seminar.